Bài viết giới thiệu bản thân bằng tiếng Anh đúng chuẩn bạn nên tham khảo

Trong giao tiếp, thường thì bài học đầu tiên sẽ là giới thiệu về bản thân bằng tiếng anh. Cấu trúc của bài này thường sẽ có các câu giới thiệu cơ bản như tên, tuổi, quê quán, nghề nghiệp, gia đình, sở thích, mơ ước,… hay tất cả những gì về bạn mà bạn muốn chia sẻ với những người đang lắng nghe mình. Để cho bài giới thiệu thêm ấn tượng, bạn có thể xen thêm những câu hỏi thú vị, hay thể hiện bằng ngôn ngữ cơ thể, cử chỉ,… Tất cả sẽ làm cho bài giới thiệu của bạn sinh động và đáng nhớ hơn. Dưới đây là 2 bài giới thiệu mẫu để các bạn tham khảo:

Bài viết giới thiệu bản thân bằng tiếng Anh đúng chuẩn bạn nên tham khảo


Bài viết giới thiệu bản thân bằng tiếng Anh đúng chuẩn bạn nên tham khảo

Bài làm thứ nhất (người đang học):

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to introduce to you about myself. I’m Lala. My Vietnamese name is Lan which means a kind of flower that I like so much. And I think it’s very beautiful, isn’t it? Hmm, That I’m 21 years old means I was born in 1995. I come from a village of Namdinh province what I will never forget my memorable childhood and my family there. Now, I live with my old sister in a rented room in Hanoi. Actually, I don’t like living here because I feel that it isn’t so comfortable and (…) peaceful as my village. I really like living in my hometown. This is the forth year I have lived in Hanoi  because of my learning. You can guest that I am a seminor student. I am specialised in international economics of Foreign Trade University. I am looking forward to graduating on time and finding a job I love to make my dream come true. It is going to Germany to visit Bayern Munich City. As you can know it is a famous place that is a football club I support. Really, I like a Dutch palyer but he lives in Germany and plays for Bayern Munich so that I desire to go to Germany. My hobbies? Absolutely, I like watching football very much because it makes me feel comfortable and interested. I aslo like playing with some pets such as dogs or cats. I see they are cute and close when I am beside them. Beside, I like going for a picnic with my close friends and traveling to some interesting places. I think I have many things to share with you. If you are willing to hear me, I will be happy to share them on another occasion.
Bài làm thứ hai (người đã tốt nghiệp):
Hi, everyone. This is the first time I meet you and I am so happy for taking chance to introduce about myself. I’m Pinky, that’s one kind of colour but i don’t mind if you call me by my Vietnamese name, Hong. I was born at a small village of Namdinh province in a famer family. I think that’s why I love animals and nature a lot. (only cute animals though ). I hope to be able to invite all of you to visit my hometown someday. Now, I’m working as a marketer in MCBooks Joint Stock Company. Working in a publishing company helps me improve my knowledge about books, and how to have a book published is not as simple as i thought before. That’s an interesting job, sometimes bored and stressful, but luckly, i got all of colleagues – friendly, kind and funny people with me. I see them almost all day and they always make my life much colourful. However, I still dream about a free life one day. Traveling to explore new lands, meeting new people, visiting ancient places, trying good food,…are what I always desire. And definitely, I am going to do it in the future. Because with me, dream is to come true whatever how late it is. Well, I think that’s enough about me. One last thing, can we watch a movie together? One movie so funny? I will be happy if this can be happened.


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